Monday 12 April 2010

Yom Hashoah

Remembering the Holocaust is important for Jews around the world. It is especially important for Jews living in Israel as we are reminded every day that, with the continued existence of the Jewish State, another shoah cannot happen.

On one day a year, we commemorate this tragedy and we stand in silence to the memory of the victims whose lives were cut short only because they were Jewish. Approximately 2 hours ago, the siren sounded, and Israel came to a standstill. The sight of a whole country stopping in its tracks in memory of the 6 million is source of pride and astonishment for me each year.

This video taken on Yom Hashoah three years ago gives an indication to those who have not been in Israel on this day, how Israelis mark the 2 minutes silence.

May their names and memories be blessed.

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